What’s The Best Weight Loss

Hello. Today we are going to talk about weight loss. We live in an age where people are more conscious of their body weights than back in the day. Can you blame them? Afterall, with technological revolution & the growth of social media, life has become more fast paced & stressful than it was before. Social media has served up this idea of what a perfect body looks like & many people are buying into it. This has in turn led to a deterioration of people’s health physically & mentally.

While I understand for some of us work life has consumed most of their life, it is very important to pay attention to our well being. Starting out my college life, it was easy enough. I had a full-time job & I was taking pre-requisite courses for my major. I wasn’t going to the gym because my life was consumed by my job & my education. The classes were easy enough to where I didn’t stress much about them. When I got into my junior year, it became stressful for me to handle both my job while taking classes for my major. The fact that I did not want to take out a lot of student loans made me determined to keep my job while attending school

My decision led to more stress & anxiety, and as a result I started gaining weight. This also led to my depression. I had to find a way to get back in control of my life. I wanted to be happy again. That’s when I started going to the gym. It took a while before i got used to gym routine but, once I got used to it, I felt good physically & mentally. Compound exercises were a good stress reliever for me. Weight lifting isn’t the only way to improve your physical & mental health, walking and/or running will work too. This is what we call cardio.

Weight Training Weight Loss

Weight lifting is a form of training that strengthens the size of your muscles & bones. Depending on the type of exercises, number of repetitions (reps), sets, weight moved & tempo can lead to an increase in size and endurance all the while keeping your weight in check. One does this by burning calories & fat which leads to toned muscles. Weight training increases short term & long-term calories burned by increasing your metabolism. Consistency is key to achieving results.

There are a ton of exercises you can do but I usually focus on compound exercises(dead lifts, squats, bench press & military press; which are all performed using a bar bell) for a full body work out vs isolated work outs which you might find appealing (usually performed with barbells or exercise machines). Form is key when weight lifting to achieve desired results.

The best part about weight lifting is you don’t have to go to the gym to do this exercise. You can do isolated work outs at home by investing in home gym equipment. Is weight lifting better than better than cardio for weight?

Cardio Exercise For Weight Loss

Cardio involves walking or running. Not a lot of people like running & some people just don’t have the time to go to the local park for an hour walk. Nowadays we have high intensity (HIIT) fitness classes offered in gyms or you can simply buy a work out DVD and do the exercises from the comforts of you home. One popular HIIT exercise is Zumba.

While weight lifting focuses on muscles & bones, cardio focuses on vascular health; your heart & lungs. Also, due to the intense nature of running or HIIT exercises you will burn more calories in an hour of cardio than in an hour of weight lifting. If running or HIIT exercises are not good for you then walking will be your best bet to achieve weight loss.

Walking leisurely around the local park or speed walking or power walking are both alternatives to running. Leisure walking/ speed walking is not as intense as running, therefore, you will need to walk twice as long to achieve the same result you would with running in a less amount of time.

If you don’t have time to go for a run or a walk, you can invest in an elliptical, a treadmill or an exercise bike.

Best In Weight Loss

As mentioned previously running or HIIT workouts will burn more calories compared to weight lifting. But, in the long run weight lifting will be more effective in burning calories with the added benefit of getting a well-shaped body. Personally, I use a combination of both.


Weight lifting & cardio are both good exercises for weight loss. Weight training depends on type of exercise, sets, reps, weight moved & tempo to achieve your desire goal & as a result of burning fat & calories you will achieve a toned body. You can choose to do compound exercises or isolated exercises to achieve your weight loss goals. You can buy home fitness equipment if you don’t have time to go to a gym or money for a gym membership. Form for the different exercises & consistency will be key to achieve what you desire.

Cardio would be a good alternative to weight lifting if that is not for you. Walking or running or HIIT exercises would be good for weight loss. You can buy a home DVD to perform HIIT exercises while at home. Investing in a treadmill, exercise bike or an elliptical would be an option too to work out at home. Good luck finding out what works for you.

4 thoughts on “What’s The Best Weight Loss”

  1. Hi Ray,

    Great post. Weight loss is such a big concern for many people today and you cover it beautifully.

    This really covers everything I do. I just finished my first Marathon here on the Gold Coast and I also do a lot of gym work for upper body and leg strength.

    Certainly keeps my body in good shape and weight under control. I would highly recommend doing both and watch what you eat.

    Thanks for a great post,


  2. Todd P Matthews says:

    I’ve always been more into weight training because you can really create an awesome cardio workout from it. Going from movement to movement with little rest is a definite burner; fun, too. However I do like a good cardio workout now and again, especially here in the summertime while the days remain long and the weather warm.

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Ray. We live in a world where weight issues are becoming a major concern to most people. Food is so readily available in most parts of the world, and not necessarily good food. Also, less and less people are active in their daily lives. It’s important that we all take a closer look at what we eat and what we actually do if we want to remain healthy. You have pinpointed some great ways to stay fit and healthy. Cardio and weightlifting are two ways to help people to reach peak fitness. Thank you for your informative article. Jim

    1. Ray Rooney says:

      Hey Jim, thanks for the comment, glad you found the article informative.

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