The Best Fitness Smart Watches 2019

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas. Technology is ever growing & ever changing in our world. I remember back in the day when watches used to be digital and analog & was only used to tell time. Some watch makers got fancy & included compass & other features I have no clue what they were for. Looking at the history of smart watches, one could say PDAs were the first smartwatches to ever be made in the early 2000s followed by Microsoft’s Smart Personal Objects Technology watch which ultimately failed. To make a long story short, smart watches have come a long way & they continue to grow.

Gone are the days you had and ipod or phone in the gym with you as you were working out. Nowadays people have smart watches that are small, easy to ‘carry around’ with you & offer you a whole lot of information that you can get from your phone without physically having your phone on you on the gym floor. For the purpose of staying relevant, I will only list watches that are good for fitness people to use. This will include a samsung active watch 2, apple watch series 5, fitbit versa 2, Huawei gt 2 & skagen falster.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This is one of the best smart watches in the market now. The watch comes in 40mm/44mm sizes, has up to 2 days battery life depending on which feature you use a lot, tracks your activities 24/7 & tracks your sleep. One cool feature about this watch is that it works with both android & iOS softwares. Like Samsung phones, the watch also comes with Samsung pay. The touch screen is made of AMOLED 1.2 inch with very comfortable bands. You can also listen to Spotify offline, which is pretty cool. Fitness wise, the watch is good for tracking your steps, active hours & calories burned throughout the day. Also, the watch can be used during swimming as mentioned earlier.

If you have a Samsung phone & you enjoy using it, then a Samsung Active 2 watch is for you. If you have an iPhone & just love the way this watch looks, then this watch is for you.

Apple Series 5 Watch

I am not a big iPhone fan but credit where it’s due, this is one amazing device; there best there is out there according to some reports i have read & it’s hard to argue about that. The Series 5 Apple Watch is amazing; my sister has one. The only problem I have with this watch is that it only works with iOS. Some features the watch boasts include notifications, make/take calls, LTE/4G, 18 hr battery life & Always on display. Fitness wise, the watch offers heart rate & ECG (Electrocardiography) monitoring, can be used during swimming & a gps to track your outdoor fitness activities. I would recommend this watch to anybody who uses an iPhone, even me with my Samsung phone if I could use it.

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit has come a long way. This one of the best Fitbit watches I have seen. Like the Samsung active watch, Fitbit versa works with both iOS & android phones & has automatic sleep monitoring. In terms of battery life, the versa has a 5-7 day battery life; one of the best impressive battery life in the market. The watch also comes with Amazon Alexa which you can use to order fitness equipment when something pops in your head in the middle of a workout & there is also Fitbit pay. In terms of fitness, the watch tracks your activities 24/7, activities such as running, biking, swimming and gym workouts & can also be used while swimming. The watch also monitors your heart rate. Being a leader in this industry, it’s surprising that this watch has no gps but that doesn’t make it any less of a very good product. A down side to this phone is Amazon Alexa on the phone isn’t a good product on this phone as it could be since it just launched but this should improve with time.

Huawei Watch GT 2

Huawei is giving Samsung & apple a run for their money with their tech. This watch runs on Huawei’s Lite operating system & works with android & iOS with a beautiful OLED screen. The watch comes in 42mm & 46mm size. The battery life for this watch is 2 weeks depending on the apps you use. For fitness enthusiasts, the watch is good for swimming up to 50 m deep, has 15 different sports tracking modes, a heart rate monitor, built in GPS & a heart rate monitor. Complaints about this watch is that heart rate monitor lags. Overall, it’s still a good watch.


Like it or not, smart watches are here to stay. The scary part is the performance of these gadgets will continue to improve & we will rely on them even more than we are right now for fitness. Anybody who is anybody will say, Apple series 5 is the best watch in the market then the rest, I say its a matter of what you prefer & what you can afford. Some people don’t prefer all the features that come with smartwatches, they just want something simple to keep & cheap to keep track of their steps, like the original Fitbit. The Samsung galaxy active 2, Fitbit versa 2 & Huawei GT 2 are some of the best smart watches in the market right now. The TicWatch E2, Fossil Gen 5 Smart Watch & Withings Steel HR Sport are some other watches in the market that are very good for fitness tracking.

What has your experience been with smart watches & tracking your fitness? please leave a comment below & let me know. Happy Holidays!

8 thoughts on “The Best Fitness Smart Watches 2019”

  1. KingAndrea says:

    Its very true that technology is developing day by day and new advances are made into what we now enjoy and these smart watches ate really attractive and useful. I’ve been opportune to use about two Fitbit versions and I enjoyed them, I think I’ll try out some other products like Samsung. Thanks.

    1. Ray Rooney says:

      Hey Andrea, thanks for the comment & for sharing your experience. 

  2. Benny says:

    Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. I have used the fitbit versa2 and I can tell you it is an awesome fitness gadget. The apple series 5has always been on my mind and I would love it if anyone could get that for me during this season.. You have reviewed awesome smart watches. Thanks

    1. Ray Rooney says:

      Hey Benny, thanks for the feedback & glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing your experience with fitbit versa 2.

  3. JR Bible says:

    Nice, slick review. For a fitness aficionado, a smart watch is an extension of their activity. An inspector gadget device to help them reach their fitness goals. Like Jim Rohn said: “For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward”. 

    I’d grab the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Why? Versatile with both IOS and Android. And about a hundred and a half cheaper than Apple.


    1. Ray Rooney says:

      Hey JR, glad you enjoyed the article & thanks for the comment. 

  4. Parveen says:

    Hello Ray, Thanks for finding the Best Fitness Smart Watches for us. You have done a awesome work for us to choose the best. I like your article very much because gadgets like smart watches will continue grow. You article is very helpful to make a buying decisions due to enough details. Thank you .. Parveen

    1. Ray Rooney says:

      Hey Parveen thanks for the comment & am glad you enjoyed the article. 

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