About Me

Welcome to my take on Health & Fitness, where I will provide you with knowledge required to be fit & live the best years of your life.


Fitness is a life style for me & it has been a life style for the past 5-6 years. It wasn’t always like that but, my health suffered due to constant stress from school as an engineering student & for a while I struggled to cope. I had to find a way to deal with the stress. I stumbled upon going to the gym just to try it out. My roommate kept inviting me to the gym & I always made excuses not to go. Then one day I just stopped making excuses & decided to go. It was intimidating at first but slowly I fell in love with it, I found that being active improved my health tremendously. I really enjoyed this & as a result I was in better shape which led to a better mood.


Healthy people tend to be happy & I know this from my own experience. I started this site to help get the message of being & Healthy out there. I was inspired by my colleagues at work who always come to me for advice about different health & fitness issues they or their family members are experiencing.


I have a wealth of knowledge regarding fitness that I want to share with the world. Also, I have products that I would love to recommend to people based on my own experiences with them as I think they will be very useful to other people. Lastly, I will use my knowledge to give you guidance when buying certain products like home gym equipment.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below & I will get back to you. Good luck reading my blog, enjoy & please share this blog with your friends & family. Feel free to share your experiences with me too.

All the best,