Liquid Chalk vs Block Chalk for Workouts?

Back Story Hello, today we will look at the messy world of chalk; weightlifting chalk that is. When you go to the gym, from time to time you notice people

AB Workouts-Fitness

Having abs is the new obsession or it has always been an obsession. Not for me, but for the rest of the world. At one point it was an obsession.

Compounding exercises

Hello, hope you guys are having a wonderful day. Today we are going to look at compound exercises. When I started going to the gym, I was drawn to the

Buying a Treadmill

Buying a treadmill can be very intimidating if you are not well prepared & the fact that there are a lot of different models does not help at all. Some

Body Development Pro AB Wheel Product Review

Product: Body Development Pro AB Wheel Price: $ 19.99 Place to Buy: Amazon My Rating: 4/5 Back Story Since I started using this product, I have been a happy camper.

Rip Toned Lifting Straps Product Review

Product: Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps (Comes in pairs) Price: $11.97 Place to Buy: Amazon Size: 23″ adjustable My Rating: 2/5 Back Story Deadlift is one of my favourite weight

Strength Training Home

People lift weight for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is strength training. According to Wikipedia, “strength training is a type of physical exercise specializing in the use

Men’s ZigWild TR 5.0 Runnig Shoe Review – The Best Runing Shoes

Product: Men’s Zigwild TR 5.0 Running Shoe                                              

Running Treadmill vs Outside

Indoor running or outdoor running, which one do you prefer? Which one is the best for you? Running outside or on the treadmill offer similar benefits but they are not

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It’s All In your Head

The heat wave, the fact that you were born to be a 9-5 corporate slave or the fact that trump should not have won the election. Our brains are very